A bit about what and why...

Something that's often frustrated me is not being able to uncover true gems in a place unless you know it like the back of your hand - or you spend ages online, digging around and time runs out and you've wasted half the day!
I've always wanted to have somewhere to go to find ace stuff out quickly. Things that feel like recommendations from a mate I trust. A mate who gets it. A mate who likes things that are different, sometimes stylish, or just bloody lovely. Places that make you smile from ear to ear. Pubs that feel like they're giving you a big hug - in a good way, not a creepy way!
So, I decided to create that somewhere for Somerset - for a county I feel genuinely priveledged to be able to make our home. And if 'Somerset cool' helps people have great times in this beautiful part of the UK, even better. If it ends up being me, my husband Graeme, Petal and Flower our dogs and our two cats, Tumnus and Boo, reading these ramblings, then that's cool too :) (OK maybe not that cool).
It takes time to build up a bank of really great recommendations, but right now there's lots of little write up's on here of lovely places to go, awesome places to stay, fantastic pubs and restaurants and interviews with the people of Somerset who are making waves - brilliant artists, people making great local produce, clothing, furniture - anything and everything we discover that we like and we think you might like too! 

You can search on a blue blog tag and hopefully something there will inspire you to visit, or to buy, or to experience something you'll absolutely love remembering.
Talking of love, we fell in love with Somerset in 2015. We had no intention of moving here. It was too far. I'd only been once when I was little and I cried... A LOT! But for some reason, when we were house hunting online one day, a cottage caught our eye. We argued with the estate agent selling it, who told us not to bother making the long trip if we didn't like low ceilings. Well we did bother and we fell - for the house, the place, the everything!

We were lucky enough to make friends with the (then) owners too... an awesome couple who'd made Somerset their family home for over 50 years. After spending 3 hours together on the first show round, we knew we had to make the move. Somerset is special and 'Somerset cool' is really about the people, places and adventures that make it that way for us - and hopefully for you.
It's no secret Somerset rocks - well it's not during Glastonbury anyway - but we're constantly discovering how cool a county it is all year round and want to share that with everyone who'll listen!
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